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We'll all been there. Dropped something, hit something, hurt something. Whether it be a minor deal (though painful) like a broken nail or fractured mirror, or a major problem such as a busted bone or shattered heart, healing doesn't always come easily. I'm in the business of helping those who feel broken on all kinds of levels - and the best healers are those that have been wounded themselves.

In the past 12 months, I've experienced the pain of heartbreak through the death of my dad, as well as the agony of a splintered humerus that required surgery & now sets off the metal detectors at security stations. In addition my lungs required 2 separate hospitalizations for treatment & I remain temporarily on supplemental oxygen. Finally, I've suffered not one but two bouts of a vicious stomach virus & one of them was while on vacation in Vegas. BTW, these are just the highlights!

I've also found ways to hold onto my faith, even if sometimes it's only by a thread and through hot & painful tears. I continued to meet with my clients while I waited for my arm surgery to set the bone or when I was just recently discharged from the hospital because their care mattered as well. I've had the opportunity to counsel those all over the world through the online platform I use and kept that up from my bed whenever I couldn't sit up through the pain.

As we begin a new year, I remain hopeful despite my brokenness. There are so many blessings to see in the care of family, the joy of worship, & the challenge of a fulfilling career. I welcome one & all to the Sanctuary I provide both in person & online. And as you can see, I know a bit about being broken.


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