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Sometimes We Just Don't Fit

There are many times when we're in some scenario or another where we may feel we don't fit in - we're the proverbial square peg in the round hole. Yet, others may try to pound us into those slots whether it's appropriate or not. Certainly we have moments when we are trying to explain ourselves, and no matter how clear we try to be, our listener(s) don't get it. They want us to be something other than what we are; to be in a place that we can't be at that time. We may try to live up to expectations that we haven't decided we really want to incorporate as our own. It's so frustrating, and makes us feel as though parts of us are being broken off and discarded. That the square peg we are isn't good enough for the round hole. If this sounds familiar, I understand. I have been there, and I will hear you. Give me a call.

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