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Escapism Works

I bet that's a phrase you wouldn't expect to hear from a therapist, however, I'm a walking testimony to the fact that escapism works - at least temporarily. The image of the beach was taken during my vacation & it was a lovely time of getaway, which I did, not even bothering to turn on my laptop even to play a game. I chose to leave all my worries behind me, and focused on staying in the very beautiful present. Now granted it's much easier to do that when one is away somewhere, however, it's also possible to do that even in small moments, when we zero in on a child's laughter or the awe of a sunset. Our troubles will remain, yet that time of getaway can give us the break we need to catch our breath, regroup, & carry on with the rigor of life. So give yourself a little escape. Can't you hear the surf softly calling your name?

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