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Help for the Hopeless

As I reviewed my clinical history for a recent marketing exercise, I found myself thinking about what I actually do, big picture. Yes, I conduct psychotherapy & supervision, though what does that mean? The bottom line is that I want to facilitate help for the hopeless & joy for the journey in how I counsel & teach. We can get stuck in our own heads sometimes which often leads in a downward spiral. It becomes a quagmire of shifting thoughts and emotions so that we can’t move, can’t think, can’t breathe. Yet often a different perspective can topple those leaning towers of terror and enable us to march to the beat of a different drummer, more “up” beat shall we say? That’s what I seek to provide my clients & supervisees – a place of Sanctuary where they can project a new path, and fight for a shining future. It doesn’t mean that I can solve all your troubles, heck, I can’t even solve all mine! :^) However, I do believe that God can use me on YOUR journey. Give it a try, you never know what might bloom out of it.

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