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Oh no! It's Shattered!

It finally happened to me. Yep, my phone fell out of my poor excuse of a pant pocket (rant on that problem with women's wear later), and landed glass first on hard gravel. Now when glass meets a hard surface, unless it's super treated & hidden behind so many layers it's not much use, IT WILL CRACK. That's a fact of physics. I'm fortunate that mine is not terrible & I can work around it, unlike the above example. It got me to thinking how the whole issue of "shattered" can apply to life too - when we lose a child too soon; when a marriage fails; or when the careful plans we've made fall apart at our very feet, we feel cracked, damaged, sometimes beyond repair. We are all shattered, some worse than others. We can protect ourselves, like putting a new case on our phones, and yet that devious moisture can seep in & cause damage in the background. Even the things of this world, such as a crazy gunman in Las Vegas, the horrors of a hurricane's passing, or a divisive post on social media can erode our self-confidence about handling the curve balls or cracked screens in our lives.

Danny Gokey spoke to this exactly in his song Tell Your Heart to Beat Again:

You're shattered Like you've never been before The life you knew In a thousand pieces on the floor And words fall short in times like these When this world drives you to your knees You think you're never gonna get back To the you that used to be

Falling on our knees in response to the deep pains of our hearts is a natural reaction. Will we ever be able to stand again? Can we ever be the same? How will we get past this terrible trauma? I firmly believe that we can find answers to all those excellent questions and part of what we can cover in Counseling here at Your Sanctuary. Hear me, I am not saying that I have all the answers to any questions. However I have faith that we can work together so that even your cracks add beauty to your soul and your heart can learn " To Beat Again."

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