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"Don't care?" DO care!

It’s amazing the kinds of statements that can hit you out of the blue. A Bayer ad tells us “a heart attack doesn’t care what you eat.” That got me to thinking about other things that “don’t care:” A lung disease doesn’t care what kind of air you breathe, a fingernail doesn’t care what gets stuck underneath it, nor does a cold care how hard you sneeze. These are all just objects – an interruption of the current of the heart, swollen bronchioles, skin, or a virus – if we take them down to a smaller common denominator. However small, they aren’t inconsequential, they matter. We know for instance that diet does have an impact on the health of our hearts, as does the air quality on our lungs, when something sticks into or under parts of skin it often hurts, & that hand washing helps prevent the spread of germs. Often it’s the little things that can make a difference – a smile at the drive through, a helpful clerk at the post office, or a reassuring text from a loved one. Being acknowledged that we matter – ah how that fills the heart. And it can start with each one of us – apologizing for a mistake, listening rather than criticizing, choosing love over hate. Our world is full of statements & images that shriek “IDC” – “I don’t care” (4,400,000,000 Google results). Let’s be known as people that matter – people that care. Won’t you join me in my passion? I DO care!

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