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Hold onto that baby!

As we begin a new year, we often want a complete do over - let's completely forget the past & march on to greener pastures -even if our army boots are filled with tears or anger. It is after all, supposed to be a fresh start, a new view of the clock/calendar, a place to try and start that exercise program - again. However, there may be stuff that hangs around and keeps us stuck in negative patterns. Not just from the holidays, though they certainly throw their weight around (literally and figuratively), but from every one of the little changes that go into the survival of the day-to-day all year long. We learn things, some good - how to have contentment for example; some not-so-good - comfort eating isn't so comfortable afterwards. Some of these are experiences we don't want to repeat and so we hopefully change some of our behaviors. Other examples add to who we are on the inside. So we don't want to attempt a full scale closet dump or a disk clean that wipes the hard drives of our heads. Let's not throw that proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Because most of us can't, nor should even want to, go with a complete makeover, starting from scratch. There are the essentials of who we are, which matter, that we want to retain. Even through trials of fire, the dross gets drained away, though the gold within us is refined & molded to something even more beautiful than a size 6 bathing suit. So let's keep the baby and ditch just the bathwater!

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